Kyrgyzstan Adventure Holidays

Amazing Kyrgyzstan, home to the Tien Shan Mountains (The Celestial Mountains) and Khan Tengri, one of the world's most beautiful peaks. Our incredible adventure holiday to Kyrgyzstan takes you from the Soviet-era architecture of the capital Bishkek, to the heart of the Tien Shan Mountains and the ancient Silk Road. If you fancy living like a nomad in a yurt, experience hunting with golden eagles or swim in the incredible Issyk Kul lake, now is the time to explore one of Central Asia's most dramatic and fascinating countries, Kyrgyzstan.

Our adventure holidays in Kyrgyzstan for 2016/17 are shown below:

Adventure holidays to Kyrgyzstan

Adventure travellers come to Kyrgyzstan for the outstanding scenery, but they stay for the fascinating culture, tradition and friendly hospitality. Kyrgyzstan is the gateway to Central Asia and starts many a traveller on a love affair with the region, which is still very under-visited and far off the beaten track.

Be ready to get high up in the mountains for beautiful vistas, craggy peaks, glaciers and alpine lakes. The landscape is dotted with yurts, home to nomadic shepherds who may invite you in for a five course meal. Your guide will help you negotiate as you learn more about these warm and welcoming people. Meet the famous Golden Eagle hunters and learn about the Kyrgyz way of life.

"Waking up at 10,000 feet by the shores of Son Kul lake in a cosy yurt feels special. But pull back the door and just see the emptiness dotted with horses and sheep, encircled by mountains, makes you feel very privileged." Richard Gibbon, Celestial Adventure, 2016

The best time to visit Kyrgyzstan depends is between July and September, when weather is ideal for trekking but cities are warm. In May and June spring brings beautiful flowers but the mountains may still be snowbound.

Holiday ideas for Holidays to Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyzstan

Celestial Adventure | 11 days | From £1,209

Kyrgyzstan Adventure Holidays - Group - Celestial Adventure | 11 days | From £1,209

This amazing Central Asian journey through the incredible landscapes of Kyrgyzstan, home of the Tien Shan (the Celestial Mountains) is probably our favourite adventure. Read on and you'll soon see why...

Guided Group Adventure Holiday

From Walks Worldwide

Heart of the Tien Shan | 14 Days | From £1,599

  • Kyrgyzstan-Heart of the Tien Shan
  • This adventurous expedition style trip takes you into the heart of the Tien Shan mountains on a challenging trek through breathtaking scenery.

  • View Holiday Trekking holiday option with Walks Worldwide

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