Adventure Grading

Adventure Grading

Each of our adventure holidays has a Physical Grading as well as an Adventure Grading. Please use both to help you to determine whether a particular trip is suitable for you.

The Adventure Gradings range from A to D - with A being quite adventurous, and D being the most adventurous:

  • A = Quite Adventurous

  • Adventure Grade A
  • Most healthy adults with a sense of adventure should be able to cope with this level, but they are adventurous all the same. This level would involve mostly comfortable hotel accommodation, some 'culture shock' and some relatively straightforward, shorter overland travel. Primarily, unsustained exposure to remote and isolated areas.

    For example, our 'Grand Tour of Morocco' is primarily a sightseeing journey through Morocco, mostly staying in comfortable hotels and with few long sections of travel.

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  • B = More Adventurous

  • Adventure Grade B
  • These holidays are more 'off the beaten track' in their nature and reach more remote locations. A mix of hotels and other more simple forms of accommodation, with increasing emphasis on 'alternative accommodation' at times (for example yurts, home-stays etc). There could be increasing levels and longer overland travel.

    For example - our Uzbekistan 'Silk Road Safari' is a 4WD drive journey exploring the principle sights of Uzbekistan, with a mix of on and off road travel and long journey times.

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  • C = Very Adventurous

  • Adventure Grade C
  • On these holidays 'getting off the beaten track' is the primary focus of the trip. Expect a greater frequency of simple and sometimes very basic accommodation at times, long sections of overland travel, as well as genuine exposure to local customs and culture. Often remote and isolated areas are a significant feature of this grade of holiday.

    For example - our 'Secret South America' journey through Argentina, Bolivia and Chile; an adventurous journey to very remote places, occasional use of public transport, simple

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  • D = Really 'Out There'

  • Adventure Grade D
  • These trips are exceptionally adventurous, almost pioneering, and include very remote and isolated areas, with extremes of climate, potentially long and uncomfortable sections of travel as well as basic accommodation and a significant element of culture shock and potentially life-changing experiences.

    For example - our 'Altai Adventure' in Mongolia; a wild journey to a very remote part of Mongolia, mostly camping and with very few nights in hotels, long overland travel.

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Please don't hesitate to contact our friendly and helpful team if you need help in establishing whether a trip is right for you. We'll ask you about any previous experience you've had and help you make a judgment by comparing this with the trips you're considering.