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Full details of prices, including seasonal price variations etc., can be found on our website. We reserve the right to revise the prices of any of the holidays shown in our brochure and/or on our website. Prices indicated in this brochure are 'from' prices only. Please note: if booking a 2016 holiday; prices, dates and itineraries quoted are provisional and may be subject to change.


You can combine our Land Only holidays with international flights as a Flight Inclusive package.

We are fully bonded with the Civil Aviation Authority and hold a full ATOL license so we can book flights with most airlines. International flight prices are variable and usually can only be guaranteed at the time of booking.

The 'from price' shown for all flights in our brochure are a guideline only to help you decide whether the holiday we are offering is within your budget. These prices are based on flight costs obtained by our team in October 2015 and were the lowest fares available on this date from London airports with either a scheduled or low cost airline. In some instances where 2016 fares were unavailable on these dates, we have used an estimated price based on 2015 fares. These guideline prices are not fixed and do not include our booking fee, or additional charges some airlines may charge (e.g. baggage). As flight prices will vary considerably according to your specific travel dates, seat availability, preferred airline and peak travel periods, please bear in mind that these fares may no longer be available at the time you book your holiday or the dates you are travelling. Please contact us for an up to date flight price quote for your preferred travel dates and regional departure options.


For all our holidays we offer a 'Land Only' price. This price does not include international travel and is based on joining at the stated point for the individual holiday in the destination country in the Trip Dossier.

IMPORTANT : If you are purchasing your own air ticket, you should be aware that most of the cheaper airline tickets available for sale on the internet or from low cost carriers are non-refundable in the case of cancellation and will not be protected by our ATOL bonding. For this reason we strongly advise you to check the rules of the ticket when you make a flight booking, and check the limitations of any cancellation insurance policy you have. We cannot be held liable for any losses incurred relating to or as a result of any flight bookings or other travel arrangements you have made yourself including you having to cancel your holiday due to travel disruption. Please also refer to the specific joining arrangements, transfers section and Land Only section of the individual Trip Dossier before booking your holiday with us.


As we offer such a wide variety of holiday choices, what we include and don't include also varies. We firmly believe in a clear, concise and fair pricing policy and you will find what's included in the price of each holiday outlined in brief on the individual holiday page in this brochure and on our website. Further details of what is and what isn't included can be found in the individual Trip Dossier.


For many of our trips there is a wide choice of international flight options. So rather than tying ourselves to one airline and/or route, we will always try to take advantage of special fares, promotions and regional flight options to provide you with the lowest possible flight prices. Consequently, clients are likely to arrive and depart on different flights, making a single group transfer impractical in most cases. Therefore as a general rule, unless otherwise stated in the Trip Dossier, airport transfers are usually not included* in our prices.

If you do require an airport arrival and/or departure transfer, we can arrange this for you at a small extra cost - please see our website or ask your consultant for details. Alternatively, you may choose to organise your own taxi or use local transport to reach the Joining Point of the tour. The choice is yours.

It's worth noting that there can be a significant price advantage in offering such flexibility with regard to international airfares, and this far outweighs the relatively insignificant cost of a transfer. So, rather than build the transfer cost into the selling price for everyone, we give you the choice.

*On some trips - where it is difficult to arrange your own transfer to the Joining Point - we include a timed transfer in the trip price. Please see the Trip Dossier or contact your consultant for details.


For all of our scheduled, guided group trips there is both a minimum and maximum group size. These are stated on the individual holiday trip page on our website. To enable a trip to go ahead, the minimum number of participants required must be reached. Once the minimum number is reached, the trip status will become 'Guaranteed to Run'. We reserve the right to guarantee and operate a trip departure below the stated minimum number of participants at our discretion.


There is no compulsory single supplement charge for any solo/single person booking one of our scheduled group trips. If you are a single/ solo traveller on one of our small group trips you will be sharing accommodation with someone of the same gender where applicable. If you prefer not to share then you can request single accommodation where applicable/available for a supplementary charge.


For all of our guided group trips, a professional, qualified and experienced English-speaking guide is provided and acts as the overall tour leader.


Whilst on your Adventure Worldwide holiday there may well be time or opportunity to arrange or book additional activities or excursions locally. Any additional services which are not detailed as part of the original package, quoted and detailed as part of the Chameleon Worldwide sales confirmation or pre-departure documents will be considered as a separate agreement formed directly between you, the customer, and the local company. Any damages or dispute arising from this agreement will therefore be between you and the local company and subject to local law.


The accommodation we offer on our adventure holidays is as varied as the holidays themselves! On one holiday alone you may find yourself staying in a 3* hotel, a rustic and remote village house and a yurt! Details of the accommodation used can be found in the individual Trip Dossier. As a general rule we use mid-range accommodation where available. Our itineraries are planned around the quality of the adventure first and foremost. For many of our trips we do not name specific accommodation in advance, but indicate a type of accommodation (e.g. hotel, pension, tent etc.), as the specific accommodation used may vary from holiday to holiday depending on availability.


Please ensure you use the correct type of baggage for your chosen holiday. Please refer to the baggage section in the individual Trip Dossier for more specific information about what to use for your main baggage and any weight restrictions.


Where our trips involve going to altitudes above 2,000m, the maximum altitudes involved for these trips are indicated on the relevant trip page on our website. The effects of altitude are something that you should be aware of and to combat the effects of altitude our itineraries are carefully planned to allow most people adequate acclimatisation. Generally speaking most people will acclimatise to the altitudes involved on our trips, although it is important to understand that people often acclimatise at different rates.

As a general rule you can aid the acclimatisation process yourself by being disciplined and strictly adhering to the following:

  • a) Drinking plenty of fluid- between at least 3-6 litres per day.
  • b) Walk at a much slower pace than you would normally at lower altitudes.
  • c) Refrain from the consumption of alcohol, tobacco and other things that cause dehydration.
  • d) Eat a high-calorie diet.
  • e) Before booking/ travelling visit your GP for a check up, discuss the trip and the altitudes involved. Ask your GP on their advice as to your own suitability for the trip. Request (and take with you) a prescription for Diamox, plus your GP's advice on when to use Diamox and how. Diamox is known to have a positive effect with the symptoms of AMS (see below), however it is important you follow the advice of your GP with regard to the use of Diamox.
  • f) If you have a pre-existing medical condition, or have previously had symptoms of altitude related illnesses before it is imperative you seek your GP's advice before booking.

If you have any concerns about altitude we are always happy to offer altitude advice based on our many years of experience operating trips that involve high altitude. However, we must also emphasise that we are unable to provide qualified medical advice and thus would always strongly recommend you speak to your GP.

AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) is an illness that can occur at altitudes above 2500m and is quite common. However, for most people the symptoms are usually mild. It is important to recognise the signs of AMS, which can include sleeping difficulty, light headiness, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea/vomiting and being short of breath. Usually these symptoms are temporary and abate with acclimatisation but you should make your trip leader aware if you are suffering symptoms of AMS, as well as ensuring you are following points "a-d" above.

Although rare, there is always the risk of complications especially at more extreme altitudes (above 3500m) and you should be aware of these.

More information on altitude sickness and complications can be found at: http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Altitude-sickness/Pages/Introduction.aspx


To check whether a visa is required and for the most up-to-date visa information for the country you are visiting please see here. We always recommend visiting your doctor and dentist for a check-up before travelling. Either your GP or a specialist vaccination centre will also have access to the most up-to-date information on vaccinations and medical precautions for the country.


Adventure Worldwide are fully committed to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Know before you go campaign. We thoroughly recommend that all Adventure Worldwide clients visit the FCO website - www.fco.gov.uk. If you have any questions or concerns about government travel advice to your chosen country please contact the Adventure Worldwide office. It is not our policy to provide destination information (e.g. laws, culture etc.) beyond the bounds of the trip itself. As there are a large number of country/destination travel guide books available, we strongly recommend you obtain a travel guide book relevant to your chosen destination before you travel.


Vegetarians can usually be catered for on most of our trips, however in certain destinations you may find vegetarian options very limited. If you have other special dietary requirements it is important that you discuss these before booking. While we will do our best to pass on any dietary details you provide us with, we cannot always guarantee that such requests can always be delivered. On many trips special dietary requirements cannot be catered for. Note that we cannot provide separate menus and cannot accept any liability for any problems arising from special dietary requirements.


Booking early usually means you can take advantage of the lowest airfares. Booking early also means you can be more certain of a place on your chosen holiday. Where a particular trip requires a minimum number of participants to reach guaranteed operational status, it is clearly in the best interests of all those wishing to take part to book as early as possible. Of course we understand that it isn't always possible to book well in advance, therefore we do not impose a late booking charge. However, higher air fares and restricted availability are more likely to be the result of booking late.

  • Our holidays are adventurous, and many travel to remote areas and/or to countries less developed than the United Kingdom and are frequently unable to meet or provide standards usually expected by UK tourists. Despite painstaking planning and organisation, many of our holidays should not be taken for granted like regular mass tourism type holidays. Many things in less-developed countries can be less predictable than in the United Kingdom, and may not have the same standards of emergency medical and rescue services. Transport can be, and often is, unreliable and uncomfortable, and accommodation will often not approach the standards of the United Kingdom, both in remote areas and major conurbations too.
  • The unpredictable nature of travelling to other countries means that our published holiday itineraries are statements of intent and not contractual obligations. Many factors (e.g. weather, transport problems, political instability etc.) can dictate the necessity to make an enforced change to an itinerary at very short notice, sometimes even during the course of the holiday itself. Naturally, we (and our local agents) will always do everything we can to minimise any changes and/or disruption. However, we cannot be held responsible for the results of enforced changes or delays, irrespective of their cause. As all our holidays are adventurous, to 'expect the unexpected' is the norm. Consequently it pays dividends to travel with a sense of adventure, humour and the philosophy to accept that other countries in the world are not the same as the United Kingdom. Although the vast majority of our holidays run smoothly, if you are not able to appreciate and accept that travelling to other countries and remote areas (even within Europe) means many things will not always be of the same standard, or happen the same way as in the United Kingdom, please do not book your holiday with us.

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