Adventure Holidays to the Americas

Colourful, varied and never ever dull, an adventure holiday in the Americas is always one full of constant surprises. On an adventure holiday in the Americas you can explore the lands of the Maya, follow in the footsteps of the Inca, trek in the driest place in the world or travel to the very end of the earth. Exotic wildlife and hot action also await you on adventure holidays to the Americas.



Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Argentina

Glaciers, lakes, towering peaks such as Cerro Fitz Roy, Tierra del Fuego and the vast landscapes of Patagonia including Torres del Paine and more makes Argentina the perfect setting for an Adventure Holiday. This beautiful country is a land of extreme wilderness and offers trekking routes over mind-blowing landscapes, a fascinating, friendly culture as well as a vast array of wildlife.


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Bolivia

An extraordinary treasure-trove rich with natural resources, beautiful in its unique isolation and ruggedness, and where vibrant cultures whisper of ancient civilisations - Bolivia is well and truly on the adventure map! The soaring peaks of the Cordillera Real lie in total contrast to the eerie salt flats of Uyuni and of the teeming jungle in the Amazon Basin. An adventure holiday here offers you the chance to discover a natural world as diverse and special as the indigenous people who inhabit it.


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Chile

The world's longest country, a striking slender strip of earth - Chile is a land of startling extremes. At one end in the North, the driest place in the world can be found - the forbidding Atacama Desert, and at the other end, the South's glacial paradise of Patagonia. In-between you will find rich green valleys, fertile vineyards, lakes, volcanoes and acres of coastline. An adventure holiday here offers a chance to discover the dramatically different regions of this Chilean treasure.


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Colombia

A holiday to Colombia has something for everyone. Colonial Cartagena on the Caribbean Coast, snowcapped volcanic peaks, rolling hills and coffee farms, wild beaches and rainforest at Tayrona National Park and on the Pacific Coast, archaeological sites at San Agustin and Ciudad Perdida, and much more. We've a wealth of experience in organising holidays to Colombia and will help you arrange an unforgettable trip.

Costa Rica

Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Costa Rica

Paradise personified for the many who visit, Costa Rica's charm, beauty and lazy pace of life belies the amount of action packed adventure found here! An adventure holiday is as bio diverse as the country itself - take your pick from white-water rafting through deepest jungle, travel on horseback through tropical forests, discover canopy zip wires that fly you through cloud forests, and trek up magnificent Mount Arenal Volcano... and afterwards allow the 'Tico' way of life to lure you down to the beach - for it really is 'Pura Vida'!


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Cuba

This vibrant island offers all that you would expect from a Caribbean paradise, sun sea and music with a distinctly latin twist. From the faded grandeur of old Havana and Trinidad to the tobacco fields of Vinales it is impossible to miss reminders of its revolutionary past and the personification of its former leader - Fidel Castro

Ecuador & The Galapagos

Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Ecuador & The Galapagos

Ecuador is one of the most diverse nations on the planet. With its soaring peaks, steamy Amazon, colourful indigenous markets and of course the Galapagos, one of the best wildlife destinations on the planet, it has something for everyone.


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Guatemala

It is fair to say a certain mysterious magic can be found in Guatemala, and for the travellers who venture here, a feeling of being cast under its spell! The mystique Mayans legacy lives on in the ruins of El Mirador, known as the cradle of the Maya civilisation and Tikal - the place to go for atmospheric sunsets. An adventure holiday here invites you to delve into this extraordinary culture, take a boat out across stunning Lake Atitlan and ponder your own Mayan destiny.


Adventure Holidays to the Americas - Peru

5000 years of ancient history = 5000 activities on offer! An adventure holiday in Peru is a paradise of possibilities; from white water rafting in one of the world's top 10 rivers, to mountain biking up the Urabamba Mountains, and experiencing one of the most famous treks in the world - the awe-inspiring Inca trail and their famed citadel of Machu Picchu. Find time for the northern desert beaches, snow capped peaks of the Andes, Amazon jungles and the Nazca Lines - where you will find Peru's fascinating history etched into the land forever.

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