Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours

Often referred to as Indo-China the countries of Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand are all very different to one another and it's a challenge to decide which one to visit for a South East Asia adventure holiday. Luckily with Adventure Worldwide you can visit all of them in one big South East Asia adventure, or focus on just one or two and come back for more later.



Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Cambodia

The compounding, compelling and spell-casting Kingdom - Cambodia's magic is everywhere. On one of our adventure holidays we enable you to get closer to the real Cambodia by walking, mountain biking and kayaking through this intoxicating country. Experience the symbolism and spirituality of magnificent Angkor Wat at dawn and gain insights into the history of the Khmer Rouge as you meet the locals, trek through jungles and explore temples.


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Indonesia

Indonesia is an intoxicating land made up of +17,000 islands offering a huge array of different landscapes, lots of adventure and diverse cultures to experience. Fascinating wildlife, beautiful volcanic peaks, lush rice paddies, stunning white sand beaches, cultural towns, delicious food, and more. This is a must-visit South East Asia destination.


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Laos

For picture postcard Asian landscapes, then take a step back in time and find yourself utterly charmed by magical and mysterious Laos. Experience the simplicity and nonchalant life of the Laos people in the chilled out cities, or working the fields alongside the mighty Mekong. Surround yourself with Luang Prabang's saffron robed monks and explore century-old monasteries. Venture into Laos' exciting natural wilderness for there is real adventure to be found here. Kayaking, rock climbing, trekking, rafting and tubing present an adventure holiday with a real touch of ancient lao-lao romance.


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Myanmar

For untouched countryside and savouring ancient temples without being crowded out by other tourists, now is the time to visit Myanmar. The country is still in its infancy of tourism and modernisation ebbs at a low, enabling you to really enjoy the delight of walking off the beaten track and take in the true heart of this beautiful land.


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Philippines

With over 7,000 islands, the Philippines has some beautiful wild beaches to relax or explore off the coast. Walk through the emerald rice terraces, admire the steaming volcanoes and soak up the friendly and lively culture.


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Thailand

The land of Smiles: Thailand. Unashamedly bold, brassy and colourful. The adventure here begins the moment you land. Offering travellers a mixture of high jinx and spiritual survival, experience the mythical tropical beaches of the Southern islands, try a hill tribe trek through the rice fields of the mystical North, cling onto a river raft in ancient Koh Sok National Park, kayak in turquoise oceans as still as a pond, and ride an elephant through verdant rainforest. On these adventure holidays, there is plenty to smile about!


Southeast Asia Adventure Holidays and Tours - Vietnam

Its time to prepare yourself for an assault on the senses! - cue Vietnam, simply one of the most captivating countries in South East Asia. Offering adventure travellers a range of strikingly vivid and compelling experiences the length of this bold and buzzing country. An adventure holiday where you can enjoy life in the fast lane amongst bustling city streets, slow it down by kayaking in Halong Bay, explore ancient forests and radiant rice fields, dip your toes in the Mekong Delta, cycle the dramatic coastline and conquer the soaring mountains of Sapa.

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