European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe

You don't need to go half-way around the world to seek out adventure. It's right here on your doorstep in Europe. Previously "off-limits" countries such as Albania and Romania offer the adventure traveller a taste of a very different Europe to that of the west. Politically very much Europe nowadays, but will always remain "where Asia and Europe meet", Armenia and Georgia afford fascinating cultural experiences.



European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Albania

In the heart of the Mediterranean lies an undiscovered and unspoilt rustic jewel. Albania offers adventure travellers something increasingly rare - a glance into the 'Europe that was'. Gaining in popularity, and with a unique culture all of its own, its renowned hospitality, wild frontiers and reputation present adventure travellers with the next big thing. On this adventure holiday experience isolated rural life in the remote Accursed Mountains, sea-kayak to the Rodoni Cape Fortress and discover one of the few remaining 'Blood Feud Towers' in this newly awoken sleeping beauty.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Croatia

Croatia boasts dramatic and beautiful stretches of coastline in the Mediterranean and Dubrovnik - a magical place to visit for anadventuous active holiday. Croatia Adventure activities 2015 & 2016 are available now.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Finland

On average you will find one sauna per household in Finland, and its come as no surprise when you take into account the amount of snow business that goes on here! An adventure holiday here offers the ultimate in outdoors winter fun, embrace those subzero temperatures and get active driving your own Husky sled, building an igloo, or snowshoeing into the white wilderness. Star gaze here and you may even feel the radiance of the epic 'Northern Lights'.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Georgia

From the shores of the Black sea to the towering peaks of the Caucasus - from the warm wine country in the East to Cave cities and the cultural enchantment of Tbilisi. Georgia's natural splendour is the stuff of legend. On an adventure holiday here you really get to discover the spiritual soul of this country, exploring the wilds of its mountain ranges, on foot and by 4x4 along outlandish mountain 'roads'. Get to grips with real life here in this remote and spectacular region.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Italy

Enjoy a bit of 'La Dolca Vita' on a variety of adventure holidays to Italy.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Lapland

High above the Arctic Circle lies the area known as Lapland, the home of the Sami people and their Reindeer herds. Here, the vast swathes of forest quickly give way at quite low elevations to the open fells, and a land of tundra, exposed, weathered rock and pure wilderness. For the adventure traveller, Lapland really is all about wilderness and here at the top of Europe this wilderness is simply immense. It's said that the population density of Lapland is about the same as that of the Sahara. In winter, Lapland becomes a frozen, snow covered winter wonderland, where the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in the polar winter are possible for 200 days of the year. Summer is short and sweet, but with the added bonus of 24hr daylight for much of it. But, whether it's winter or summer, Lapland is the place to go if you want a truly wild adventure.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Romania

A land where the legend of Dracula continues to live on, where gothic castles and medieval villages rise out of a rural landscape stuck in time. Dotted with pastel coloured houses, horse drawn carts and cone shaped haystacks. Romania's adventures incorporate more than just the Transylvanian blood-sucking villains of the past; the far-reaching forests, river valleys and soaring mountains provide the 'teeth' of a real adventure holiday. Enjoy rafting and cycling thrills, trek to the Bucegi Plateau and take a trip along the exhilarating Transfagarasan Highway.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Slovakia

Slovakia's serene and beautiful outdoors provides a real playground of adventure for those that fancy something a bit different. Quaint and jovial with a surprisingly rich cultural life, an adventure holiday here offers walking amongst the magnificent and high Tatrus peaks - the highest mountains in the stunning Carpathian Arc, dotted with tiny villages that are deep in peasant tradition. Experience wild bears in their natural habitat, as you delve into the green verdant mountain forests.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Spain

Discover this hidden gem of the Spanish Pyrenees, the countryside is breathtaking and totally unspoilt, with pristine rivers, and mountain pools for swimming and hundreds of square kilometres of alpine wilderness to create an incredible active escape.


European Adventure Holidays, Activity Holidays in Europe - Turkey

With an embattled history of empires won and lost, and a real passion for living life to the max - Turkey is a great destination for an adventure holiday! As the Mediterranean seas lap shimmering beaches on the Bay of Adrasan - this is the setting of our own adventure playground. Under imposing Mount Olympus kayak through azure waters, before jumping in for a scuba dive. Horse ride through ancient Lycia, try gorge canyoning too.

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